How to save my system from the blue screen of death?

When you see this error you see a blue colored screen on your computer with the following message.’

Where you see the words written:

Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.

You can solve this error by following checks and if nothing works call Microsoft Customer Care Number for assistance and get your issue resolved without delay….



  • Check for any improper up gradation.

Windows provides updates for your PC periodically. And your system keeps on updating accordingly. But sometimes the system does not update as per the requirements or shuts down while loading/installing an update.

If updates are not proper this BSOD error can appear.

To resolve this you should follow these instructions:

  1. Go back to last known good configuration.
  2. Go to system restore
  3. Roll back to the previous build

Updating related problems can be solved with these methods


  • Scan for any virus or malware

Sometimes system gives a BSOD error and shuts down during a virus attack to preserve important files. This problem can be resolved with a good, trusted antivirus

Always follow the following rules of computer security:

  1. You should always purchase a trusted antivirus.
  2. Always check antivirus for any database updates and Keep the antivirus updated.
  3. Regularly scan the system for any threats. (You can use an antivirus with a real time background scanning facility.)
  4. Remove any suspicious files from the system.


  • Check enough free space on each drive of the system

Sometimes files get corrupt due to insufficient space in the drive. Windows suggests you should have at least 100MB of space in each drive but the system might still get corrupt and give a BSOD error. So you should always keep 12%-16% space empty in your drive. For smooth working and avoid such error.

  1. Don’t keep multiple backups, delete old backups which are taking unnecessary space
  2. Keep at least 10%to 14% empty space in each drive and delete any unnecessary data.

These solutions will probably solve your issue. Sometimes issues are more detailed and which require extensive technical skills to resolve for that just call +1-877-833-8252 Microsoft Customer Support and get solution instantly

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