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Why is my Computer Running Slow Call now +1-877-833-8252

Microsoft Technical Support Number, it’s a brand with its own standards to whom no other brand can compete ever. It’s having different range of products worldwide but it caught the eyes of the market after launching its world fame product windows for the first time in the early 90s. Windows is a product which doesn’t require any kind of introduction for its users or we can say that Windows became the synonym for Microsoft and it is still going at a wonderful pace with new versions and new technology.

Windows user faces some technical issues related to it, which can’t be solved by their own and they need a help of some technical experts to resolve those. To resolve the issues Microsoft Customer support number 1-877-833-8252 was launched to provide its users with a technical help in every manner.

We are just mentioning few technical issues which users face very often in its product windows especially on the issue of Windows slowdown. What could be the reasons behind the computer is a slowdown.

Programs running in the background: Whenever our computer works slow, the main reason it could be that some other programs or apps are running in the background. You have to check out whether any antivirus or scanner or cc cleaner is running in the background while you are working. It slows down the process. So make it sure that you should close those background programs and apps.

Temporary files stored in the computer: The Second thing we can notice it about temporary files stored on your computer while working on the internet. Yes, these files can slow down your computer and need to delete by running any cc-cleaner. Well it’s not possible to delete all temp files by cc-cleaner so for that we have to follow some steps like: open start menu just pressing Windows key and press R letter and you will find search option, please type %temp% it will direct you to temporary files folder where your all temporary files are usually saved. You have to delete all files which are lying over here. Some files may not delete so just skip them.

Space in C: drive- just check out space in c: drive, it should have free space at least of 2 GB for the swap files as well as room for temporary files.

Fragmented hard drive: if your hard drive is corrupt or some bad sectors in that it must be cleaned up by Run Scandisk or chkdsk to make it sure that there is no physical damage to the hard drive. You can use some tools even to defrag the hard drive.

In the current scenario, spyware and malware are also a big cause of slowdown to your computer. You can run any free malware or spyware to clean your computer even if you are having antivirus on your computer.

Scanning with anti-virus is important if any virus hit your computer. It may be the big cause for computer’s slowdown. So make it sure that any good anti-virus should be installed on your computer and scan it thoroughly.

Hardware conflict may be one of the causes of computer slowdown so to check it out your device manager to see whether any hardware is conflicting with each other and resolve it ASAP.

Windows update an issue may be the cause of computer slowdown so just make it sure that your windows updated patch file is installed properly if not that install it now or if any plugin is not updated then either update it or remove it from your browser.

Drivers update issue may cause the slowdown of your computer so be sure that your device driver or software drivers should be properly updated especially you video drivers which can effect windows working capacity and it can slow down.

Rebooting your windows will be your next step just after acting on any of the steps above mentioned. Above steps will not take effects unless until windows will not be Rebooted.

Upgrade your computer’s memory: in the current scenario, at least 1 GB ram is must in every computer just because of the software and programs we use are really heavy in the size itself. So even after you are having 1 GB RAM then replace your RAM and upgrade it to 2 GB or 4 GB according to your requirement and need. It can resolve your issue.

Upgrade in Hard Drive can resolve your issue definitely. Sometimes memory in hard drive cause this problem a lot and you can replace hard disk drive (HDD) to Solid state drive (SDD).

Running registry cleaner may be one of the option to speed up the computer in a real manner. What we have to do is just run a registry cleaner application to clear unwanted registry files which may enhance your computer performance.

Overheating of computer or processor can be one of the reasons which can slow down your computer. The cause of overheating may be some obstacles or dust or hair which can really heat up the processor and slow down the computer. These obstacles must be removed from processor should be clean always to work in a proper manner.

Re installation of windows is the last option when none of the above option clicks. What you have to do is save your complete data into another USB device and format the windows and reinstall your computer. After installing a fresh copy of windows as well as other required software will work out a lot.

Hardware issues may cause the damage to a computer. After installing windows even if your computer is slow it means some hardware part is to be replaced as well. It may be anything like hard disk, CPU, RAM or Motherboard. This hardware matters a lot in a computer and it should be checked regularly for their performance. One more reason which can cause computer slowdown is your OLD computer means your computer is not compatible to run the latest optimized software and so just go and change with the latest configured computer.

We can help you availing the services of Microsoft customer support number 1-877-833-8252.
Well there are lot other small reasons which may cause to computer slow-down and for all of the above issues Microsoft Customer care Number 1-877-833-8252 is there for the help of windows user so that they can call on directly to the well qualified and highly technical skilled professional engineers to help you out in every manner to resolve the issues. So what are you waiting for? Just pick up the phone and dial Microsoft Technical support number 1-877-833-8252 (24/7 US Toll-Free) and get diagnostic help from expert techs and fix your Windows PC running slow issue.